Introduction to CliftonStrengths: Your Strengths Are Your Superpower Workshop Part 1

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Learn to discover and apply your strengths towards achieving excellence in this interactive two-part workshop. In part one, you will take the assessment and discover your top five themes. In part two, you will learn how to apply your strengths to achieve excellence during your VanCoug Journey.

Reserve your spot on CougSync (Introduction to CliftonStrengths: Your Strengths Are Your Superpower) to get started.

“When students not only know their strengths—but more importantly, apply them—the effect on their lives is transformational.”
–CliftonStrengths for Students

Part 1—Classroom Building, Room 224; Part 2—Multimedia Classroom Building, Room 204
Free, register on CougSync
Who can participate: 
WSU Vancouver students
Contact for more information: 

Allison Ramsing, Academic Coordinator,

Sponsored by: 
Student Resource Center